Why do I need a blood pressure monitor?

Worried About High Blood Pressure

A blood pressure cuff at home?

How much junk can my bathroom possibly handle!?!?

Most people don’t give their blood pressure much consideration, only the once a year or so that they see a doctor and get their numbers.  If I asked you how much you weigh, I bet you could tell me within a few pounds.   However, I am guessing for the majority of people couldn’t begin to estimate their blood pressure numbers.  It’s unfortunate that a scale is a common household utility, but a blood pressure monitor is a rare thing to find in any household.

Superior Assessment Tool

Blood pressure cuffs are a consistently valuable tool for the assessment of overall health..  Scales only give you a single metric, which is arbitrary at best.  Lets say you lost 2 pounds last week…  Congratulations!  But to be perfectly honest, you don’t know if it’s fat or perhaps just water weight, muscle loss or even simply an empty stomach/colon.

Blood pressure cuffs give you a number that takes into account, age, weight, diet and activity level.  If it’s high, then it means there is almost certainly some kind of deficiency, and you need to examine your lifestyle and see what adjustments you make.  Sometimes it’s secondary hypertension, which denotes that you have another illness that is causing your high blood pressure, which is just as important a diagnostic discovery.

Thin ≠ Healthy

Just because you’re skinny, doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily healthy, and not all overweight people are unfit. Don’t put too much faith in the scale, get yourself some better data, you deserve it.  I’m a minimalist at heart and I can understand when people are trepidacious about adding yet another piece of equipment to their at home health arsenals.  However, of all the equipment you can have for health diagnostics, a blood pressure monitor is probably the most valuable.  Also, they’re pretty small, and don’t take up any counter space, you can tuck them away almost anywhere.  (Just don’t forget about it).  If you’re concerned about space, ditch your scale.  Mirrors and scales won’t tell you nearly as much about what’s going on under the hood, and that’s clearly a more important metric.

Which blood pressure monitor to buy?

Almost any model is better than having nothing, so the most important step is getting one and using it. If you’re the kind that likes to do a bit of research before making a purchase, you’ll need a buying guide on the latest blood pressure monitors. Honestly, the variations between the different models aren’t significant, but the importance of having versus not having is tragically large.  Get one today, they’re super affordable and get your family members in the habit of testing themselves from time to time.  A good blood pressure cuff is the autonomous health diagnostic weapon of choice for anyone who wants to start taking their health a little more seriously.


Where do you keep your blood pressure monitor, so that you’re reminded to use it frequently?

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