Why buy a home blood pressure monitor?

Man Measuring Blood Pressure At Home

Who Benefits from a Home Blood Pressure Monitor?

Any reader of autonomous medicine knows that our focus is all about knowing your body. One of the cornerstones of that approach is gathering good data and tracking it. Blood pressure is one measurement that fluctuates considerably throughout the day. To really have an understanding of your blood pressure, you’ll need to take readings multiple times a day.

Numerous factors can have a large impact on your numbers:

  • changes in posture
  • exercise
  • diet
  • stress
  • medications
  • emotions
  • sleep
  • time of day

Doctors don’t have the luxury of getting multiple samples and the infrequent readings you get at the doctor’s office are probably not sufficient.

If you’re an at-risk for hypertension, then it’s even more imperative that you obtain good data. Armed with good information, a home blood pressure monitor can help you evaluate the efficacy of your hypertension fighting efforts.

At risk candidates:

  • Patients who are beginning hypertension pressure treatment
  • Individuals with coronary heart disease, diabetes, and/or kidney disease
  • Pregnant women, because pregnancy-induced hypertension can develop quite rapidly
  • People who have had some high readings at the doctor’s office, but need to confirm if they have true HBP
  • People who become nervous in a doctor’s office, which can affect blood pressure readings

* It should be noted that people that have atrial fibrillation or other heart arrhythmias may not be good candidates for home monitoring because the vibrations of the arrhythmias cause readings to be inaccurate.

What to do with your data? Track it, monitor it and make a plan if you need to make lifestyle adjustments to ensure you’re taking care of yourself.


What has been your experience with home blood pressure monitors?

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