Whats the real blood pressure range?

sphygmomanometer with range

Ever wonder what the real blood pressure range is?

Did you get a notice from your doctor that your blood pressure is too high?  Not sure what to make of the numbers he gave you?

Well,  if you’re in a hurry, skip all info and get to the meat of this post, check out the bp chart below to see where you fit in.

What do those numbers mean?

Usually, you’ll get a pressure reading that looks like this 120/80.

The first is your SYSTOLIC pressure. (the pressure when your heart beats and squeezes blood into your arteries)

The second is DIASTOLIC pressure (the pressure when your heart rests between beats)


Is one number more important that the other?

Typically SYSTOLIC pressure (the first number) is deemed more important as a major risk factor for heart disease in people over 50.

Blood Pressure Infographic


Blood pressure is one of the strongest diagnostic tools that we have available.  It provides a fairly accurate indication of your overall health and should be taken seriously.

Armed with the knowledge of these two numbers, we can know go confidently into our chart and see where your numbers lie.


Blood Pressure Categories

There are 6 general blood pressure categories.

  • Low (Hypotension)
    Can it be too low? Yes!
    Is it serious? Not usually.
    Generally, it’s only something to worry about if you’re noticing frequent dizziness or fainting.
  • Normal
    Everything is good here, enjoy your good health.
  • PreHypertension
    You’re getting there… This is the time to make lifestyle changes to reduce the chances of any permanent damage.
  • Stage 1 Hypertension
    You’re already there… Damage is being done, and you don’t even know it. They don’t call it the silent killer for nothing. Time to take control of your health.
  • Stage 2 Hypertension
    Things are getting pretty serious, risks are high. If you’re not already in a program to reduce your blood pressure, do so immediately.
  • Hypertensive Crisis
    A real adventurer, you’re taking real chances with your health. You should go to urgent care right away.

*If you have children, their values vary from the standard adult model, download a chart broken down by percentile height.

Lowering Blood Pressure

If you’re anywhere between PreHypertension and Hypertensive Crisis, don’t despair, there is a lot you can still do to manage your blood pressure.  The first things to do are focus on making some significant lifestyle changes.  Lose weight, stop smoking/drinking, get more exercise etc….
Hypertension is serious business, and nothing to take lightly, but it can be fixed.  Find out the biggest wins for naturally reducing blood pressure.





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