Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

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Hypertension is tricky business because it’s mostly asymptomatic. That’s why it’s called the ‘silent killer‘.

Headaches and nosebleeds are telltale signs of extremely high blood pressure, but that’s only when you are in hypertensive crisis.   It’s way too late at this point, you do not want to wait until you have these symptoms to start checking on your blood pressure.  That would be the same as waiting until your engine seizes to check your oil.  If you have a headache and an accompanying nose blood, you should head straight to a clinic or call 9-1-1.

It’s important that you regularly check your blood pressure.  You should really know your systolic/diastolic numbers as readily as you know your weight.  Though their probably more important than almost any other health metric.  Hyper tension can be treated in a variety of ways, primarily in the beginning just making some simple lifestyle adjustments would be sufficient.

There are more subtle symptoms that are more common among hypertensive people, but not directly caused by it.

  • Dizziness
    This is something that’s often ignored, as it’s not such a concrete symptom as more visual cues are. Loss of balance is definitely something that should get checked out for. If you feel uneasy, lack of balance and coordination, it’s could be related to a stroke, which is typically associated with hypertension.
  • Blood Spots in the Eyes
    Blood spots in the eyes (subconjunctival hemorrhage) are more prevalent in people with high blood pressure and diabetes as well. However, neither condition actually causes blood spots.
    High blood pressure can cause damage to the optic nerve, so an eye doctor would be able to detect it.
  • Flushing of the Face
    This is commonly thought of as a blood pressure symptom, but it typically is caused by a myriad of other factors. Extreme temperatures, the wind, intense foods, allergies, lotions, stress, etc…


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