Why is The Omron Blood Pressure Monitor so Popular?

What matters when buying a hypertension monitor?

If you look at home blood pressure monitor review sites, you’ll notice that the Omron blood pressure cuff is almost universally ranked in the very top.

There are two styles of monitors that dominate the market, which are wrist fitting and upper arm. They’re both highly accurate when used properly, but arm monitors are more fool-proof as wrist monitors need to be held up to heart level to be used accurately.

Features that are important and useful include, large easy to read display, irregular heartbeat detection, phone app integration, large cuff fitting range (comfort), FDA approval (accuracy), battery life and multiple user support.

Despite their slightly higher price tag, Omron blood pressure monitors are consistently recommended by most review organizations. This is because they provide a majority of features that users find helpful at a reasonable cost.

Why a blood pressure monitor is important?

Blood pressure is a highly valuable metric for determining your overall health. It is often overlooked and much more focus is put simply on people’s weight. The prevailing idea that skinny=healthy is just not accurate. Low blood pressure is typically a much better indicator of overall health, though most people have no ideas what their numbers are.

For this reason, it is recommended to get a good blood pressure monitor, one with features that will encourage you to use it often.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor (10 Series, BP786N)

Has all the useful features, without excess expensive cruft. One of the most important features of the monitor is its cuff size.   It fits a wide range of sizes (9″-17″), which is considerably larger than most of it’s competitors. Fit is extremely important for getting accurate number and so getting a blood pressure cuff that fits comfortably is easily the most important aspect of buying a blood pressure monitor. The additional perk of having a wide range of sizes, is that it’ll more than likely be able to fit most if not all your family members / housemates.

A great option for users that want to track their data is that the Omron Series 10 has iOS/Android apps for storing your reading history. If you’re wanting to practice Autonomous Medicine, then you’ll love the abilty to watch and evaluate trends in your personal data. The machine itself stores 200 readings, which is generally ample for a short to medium term analysis. If you’re wanting to look at stats over the long term, the Omron phone app is handy tool.   It stores unlimited readings on your phone. The Omron blood pressure cuff also stores data for multiple people (2), which makes this a household tool you can share.

The Omron Series 10 also detects heartbeat anomalies and takes an average over a 10 minute window to give a more accurate and consistent reading.

Older users will find the color coded lights are helpful for understanding results at a quick glance .  This can be good for visually impaired users that have trouble reading the monitor.

Self diagnosis and monitoring is a huge tenant in the quest for practicing Autonomous Medicine.  Having a hypertension cuff is your best utility for garnering valuable metrics.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Looking to make some lifestyle changes to combat rising blood pressure?   In an effort to adhere to the Pareto principle, we’ve created a list of high efficiency lifestyle changes that are high reward low effort solutions.  There is mounting evidence that a Keto Diet helps to lower blood pressure. Check out the research based Juducious Consumption weight loss program that combines Keto with Intermittent Fasting for huge longevity gains.



What’s been your experience with Omron blood pressure monitors?


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