Good Blood Pressure, What is it?

Senior man taking his blood pressure at home and getting good blood pressure.

What is considered to be good blood pressure?

Well there hasn’t always been consensus on what is considered to be optimal.  Before 2003, any Systolic measurement that was below 140 was considered to be good blood pressure. For a long time, if you’re blood pressure was high, but not over 140, people didn’t make much effort to reduce it.  They were told that anything below 140 was acceptable.  However, with newer research we’ve learned that 120-140 is already too high and it really should be considered pre-hypertensive.  Who knows what the guidelines will say in 10 years?

The point of this, is that the yardstick is always moving.   New research results provide new insights to what we know about the human body and recommendations change.  There doesn’t really appear to be much of a lower limit to blood pressure as long as you’re not having symptoms.  To play it safe you should make an effort to keep your blood pressure as low as possible.  It’s almost a direct indicator of your overall health, and typically the lower the better.  Good blood pressure means low blood pressure, so make changes in your life to keep it low and by doing so; you’ll mitigate disease and aging. Don’t be content with the idea that ‘you’re under 120, so that’s good enough’, try and get it low as is reasonable with modest lifestyle changes.

Know Your Metrics

At Autonomous Medicine we believe that we need to stay informed about our bodies. One of the best ways to do that, is to periodically take measurements that will give us valuable metrics to guide you on your journey.  One of the more powerful tools to put in your aresenal is a home blood pressure monitor.  Because blood pressure fluctuates considerably based on a lot of factors including anxiety, time of day and even your last meal, a single measurement at a hospital doesn’t really give you all the information.  It’s best to take your measurements over the course of a couple days, varying the time of measurements, so you can find a real average.

Blood pressure is a powerful indicator of overall health, take it seriously and track it. Could save your life.


What’s your experience with measuring blood pressure at home versus at the hospital?





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