Gluttony and Over-Consumption in America

Glutton Eating
[todo: clean this up] Americans, we’ve been taught for a long time that gluttony is luxury.  This is by product of the shortages that were endured during WWII, and the ensuing generation strove to enjoy everything without limitation.  Their children were raised with these ideals and it has been persuasive in our society ever since.  Though, it appears those trends are slowing and we’re finally realizing that rampant consumption isn’t the path to happiness.

My aging parents LOVE cruises, mostly because of the unlimited nature of their feeding benefits. You can basically board a boat and shovel food in your face 24/7 for a week.  The perceived luxury is a big selling point, especially for seniors, as they’re are mostly from a generation that identifies consumption = luxury.  After the cruise there is a period of heavy dieting and remorse as most participants easily end up 5-10lbs heavier.  Instead of coming back from their vacations feeling energetic and revived, they’re just fatter and lethargic. We pay money and make a concerted effort to make time to make our selves sick.  It’s such a strange part of being human.  How many of us are guilty of going out drinking all night, knowing that the ensuing hangover would ruin our entire next day? I think that tradeoff becomes more apparent as we get older and we’re more unwilling to give up an entire day, just for the gluttony of a few too many spirits.  This seems to be a common theme for most of us, over consumption is sought after, even when we’re fully aware of the consequences.
When it comes to food, gluttony doesn’t bring happiness, less truly is more.

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