Blood pressure apps, are they legit?

blood pressure app

Do Android/iOS blood pressure apps work?

There are currently apps in the android store that show under the target keyword of ‘blood pressure’. Many of these are making dubious claims about being able to one finger press and get an accurate measurement.

So how do these apps get your blood pressure without special equipment? Well, mainly they use things like the camera and touch screen to make their measurements. Many of these apps making dubious claims about the accuracy of their measurements.

This has been reviewed by researchers and there just isn’t scientific evidence to support any of their claims.


Data Tracking Apps

These apps aren’t completely useless though. Many have useful data management and tracking tools that provide real value to customers.
Some will directly export recorded information to physicians’ offices and include tools to enhance medication adherence. So although they’re measurements are dubious, they may actually be a good tool for data storage, record keeping and scheduling.
One of the big risk factors with these apps is that because many have been downloaded millions of times;  it gives patients a false sense of credibility as many phone users  look at that number to determine whether an app is effective and reliable.


US Regulation of Blood Pressure Apps

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates medical devices, has not given approval to any of the hypertension apps. This should be a clear sign that they are indeed ineffective at taking accurate measurements and diagnosing hypertension.


So, unfortunately, as of now, there isn’t an app that will give you a reliable measurement. However there are still portable blood pressure monitors that you can give you accurate readings. They are affordable, effective and super easy to use. If you’ve been diagnosed with hypertension, definitely get a proper monitor, don’t rely on gimmicky apps.


Have you had any experience with apps you’d either recommend or warn us about?

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