Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Should you buy a wrist blood pressure monitor?

At first glance, wrist blood pressure monitors look like a like more convenient measuring device than their upper arm counterparts. So it’s understandable that patients initially start looking for the best wrist blood pressure monitor on the market.  However, the first question you need to ask, is whether you should buy one?

Are blood pressure wrist cuffs accurate?

Mostly yes, but they need to be used as indicated. This poses the biggest concern that doctors and medical associations have about recommending wrist blood pressure monitors.  The key to getting a good measurement is to hold your wrist and arm at the same height as your heart.  Many users either estimate the height of their hearrtqt poorly or just ignore this requirement all together.  This gives patients inaccurate readings, which can lead patients to false conclusions based on bad data.

Are you a good candidate for a wrist blood pressure monitor?

Some people find upper arm hypertension cuffs to be too uncomfortable or hard to fit. Perhaps your arm is either too big or too small for standard or even extended size cuffs  Some prefer to use wrist blood pressure monitors because they’re more comfortable and are more likely to use them. For any blood pressure device to be effective, a good fit is absolutely required.  Patients who have unusually large or small arms, may find that the readings they’re getting from upper arm cuffs to be inaccurate.  For these users, either a better fitting upper arm cuff or a blood pressure wrist cuff would provide useful data.

Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Because accuracy is the most important feature in a monitor, we’ve weighed that criteria the strongest in our evaluations. [todo: amazon link] The Omron 7 Series BP652 is the best wrist blood pressure monitor on the market. It’s the most accurate and feature packed model available and Omron has a good reputation for producing reliable monitors. Omron monitors are not the most expensive on the market, but definitely are on the higher end of the cost spectrum. If you’re looking for a more budget pick, see our best value monitor.

Best Value Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

The honor of best value wrist blood pressure monitor goes to the Rite Aid Bl[:todo amazon link] blood Pressure Wrist Monitor, although it’s still not nearly the cheapest, it’s the lowest priced model with acceptable levels of accuracy.


If you don’t absolutely have to get a wrist monitor, then it’s better to get an upper arm blood pressure cuff.  Wrist monitors require users to position their arms at heart level to get reliable metrics. While upper arm cuffs don’t have this requirement and are generally thought to be more reliable. If you’re unable to use an upper arm cuff, the [todo: amazon link] Omron 7 Series is the way to go.  Feature packed and accurate, it could save your life.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Looking to make some lifestyle changes to combat rising blood pressure?   In an effort to adhere to the Pareto principle, we’ve created a list of high efficiency lifestyle changes that are high reward low effort solutions.  There is now mounting evidence that a Ketogenic Diet is highly effective in lowering blood pressure. Check out the research based Juducious Consumption weight loss program that combines a Ketogenic diet with Intermittent Fasting for significant longevity gains. [todo: sources]

What’s been your experience with wrist blood pressure monitors?

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